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Quick Dry (Q.D) by Maxlight and  Ultifast Permanent Pre-Inked Stamps.

Permanent Stamps

Ultifast pre-inked stamps mark on almost anything. The Ultifast ink is fast drying and water resistant, making it perfect for identifying personal items, photography, industrial equipment and so much more. You don’t need a separate pad because the ink is in the stamp. You’ll get clean, crisp impressions every time you use your Ultifast pre-inked stamp.


Fast Dry Impression Marking on:

• Glass • Vinyl • Metal • Glossy/Coated Paper

• Wood • Keys • Plastic • Plastic Films

• Labels • Leather • Aluminum • Photographs

• Tags • Fabric • Plastic Bags • Sporting Goods

These are specialty stamps that will require regular inking and sealed storage to prevent ink evaporation.